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Following God's purpose for my life. I want to make a difference in my generation by injecting something positive and being a light in a dark place
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My Passion For Education in Zimbabwe – One Child and One School At A Time

Having grown up in a country that had the highest literacy rate in Africa, Education tends to be paramount in one’s life and surroundings. Every parent’s dream was to ensure their children received education of some sort. In the 1980’s Zimbabwe was reported to have an adult literacy rate of approximately 90%  which was still … Continue reading

The Grand Plan Exposed

Listen folks, contrary to what most of you think or wish, the Grand Plan is not a fiction movie about to have a happy ending, it is a reality that has been in existence for the past 34 years. It is a strategy that has been effectively implemented and an evil strategy that has spread … Continue reading

State of Emergency

Mthwakazi:   Natural Disasters throughout the world have prompted amazing responses from communities related and unrelated to the disaster. They have prompted a sense of urgency from those who where informed of the disaster and in all cases respondents acted to assist in whatever capacity they could. Each person brought whatever resource they were able … Continue reading

Rise Up Mthwakazi Youth, Your Time Has Come and Is Now!

The Role of Our Youth In the Restoration of Mthwakazi:   As a way of introduction, I have observed some who seem to use our culture as a crutch in order to dictate in perpetuity that our young people’s roles are merely to sit amongst the adults, listen and not utter a word. They have … Continue reading

Language Ecology – The Plight of Our Languages

  We have heard that one language is becoming extinct every fortnight.  It is said that of the 6,500 languages in the world, more than half are expected to die within the next century and many more are declining.  May God forbid that languages within Mthwakazi should be some of those languages that are becoming … Continue reading

Mthwakazi’s Dream & Dr. M.L.King’s Dream – A Necessary Parallel

As Dr. M.L.King’s life was celebrated this past Monday January the 21st, 2014, I could not help but listen to his ‘I Have A Dream Speech’ repeatedly. A lot of his ideologies resonated so much in my spirit. As I listened to him, I found myself groaning and aching for the liberation of the people of … Continue reading

Paving Your Path As Mandela Paved His – The Passing On Of A Legacy

December 2013 was a month that was full of all kinds of emotional responses to the passing on of an African hero, the caliber of which we do not know if ever we will see in our life time. Madiba was a man that Africa and the world aspired to have as its leader.  We … Continue reading

2012 Declared Mthwakazi’s Year of Unity

Published: 2 years ago by Thoko Mkwanazi (265 Views)   Mthwakazi, I plead with all of us to make every effort to maintain a mindset that leads us to UNITY this year and for years to come.   I plead that we venture into projects and agendas that will unite the people of Mthwakazi.  I plead … Continue reading

Obvious Stages Leading To The Elimination Of The People Of Mthwakazi

Mthwakazi:  As I continue to ponder on the past and future of Mthwakazi I cannot help but wonder if the people of Mthwakazi have a full understanding of the issues that we face.  On the surface we do see certain trends, however, I do not believe we clearly understand the long term goals and objectives … Continue reading

Mthwakazi in Pursuit of Unity and The Ultimate Formation of Asikhumbule Ekhaya Alliance (AKE)

2012 has been a journey full of challenges as well as many accomplishments.  It was said of the wise that the way forward requires that one take stock of the past to measure accomplishments made, weigh in on failures made and make the necessary corrections, so as to pave a better path in order to … Continue reading