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The Grand Plan Exposed

Listen folks, contrary to what most of you think or wish, the Grand Plan is not a fiction movie about to have a happy ending, it is a reality that has been in existence for the past 34 years. It is a strategy that has been effectively implemented and an evil strategy that has spread … Continue reading

State of Emergency

Mthwakazi:   Natural Disasters throughout the world have prompted amazing responses from communities related and unrelated to the disaster. They have prompted a sense of urgency from those who where informed of the disaster and in all cases respondents acted to assist in whatever capacity they could. Each person brought whatever resource they were able … Continue reading

Rise Up Mthwakazi Youth, Your Time Has Come and Is Now!

The Role of Our Youth In the Restoration of Mthwakazi:   As a way of introduction, I have observed some who seem to use our culture as a crutch in order to dictate in perpetuity that our young people’s roles are merely to sit amongst the adults, listen and not utter a word. They have … Continue reading

Language Ecology – The Plight of Our Languages

  We have heard that one language is becoming extinct every fortnight.  It is said that of the 6,500 languages in the world, more than half are expected to die within the next century and many more are declining.  May God forbid that languages within Mthwakazi should be some of those languages that are becoming … Continue reading