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Obvious Stages Leading To The Elimination Of The People Of Mthwakazi


As I continue to ponder on the past and future of Mthwakazi I cannot help but wonder if the people of Mthwakazi have a full understanding of the issues that we face.  On the surface we do see certain trends, however, I do not believe we clearly understand the long term goals and objectives of those who are working tirelessly to ensure Mthwakazi is eliminated completely.   We have observed and experienced in the past 30 years very effective strategies that were implemented to ensure Mthwakazi is eliminated. These strategies were implemented in many forms and were presented in many colors, that were not particularly transparent to the naked eye.  Many within Mthwakazi have not taken these seriously.  This has resulted in others within Mthwakazi not knowing their identity and hence oblivious to the need to protect that identity. Others, although clearly aware of these strategies, did not implement the necessary counter measures or if they did, those counter-measures did not accomplish the desired outcomes.  Others made tremendous strides to expose the forces that have worked against Mthwakazi, but they did not garner enough support within in order to keep the fuel burning. Instead they faced immense opposition, persecution, imprisonment, and ridicule, to the extent of losing the will power to stay the course.  

It must be clearly understood by all within Mthwakazi that those seeking power or seeking for our elimination, have sought and successfully  suppressed us and often ruthlessly any group or movement within Mthwakazi that they believe threatens their power base. As the people of Mthwakazi we need to have a clear understanding of what sought of strategies have been used against us as a people.  Here are my thoughts and the thoughts of many others: 

1. Identifying and stereotyping – a preconceived standardized. Group-shared idea about the alleged essential nature of those making up a whole category of persons. Without regard to individual differences among those making up the category and being an emotion-charged negative evaluation. The stereotyped group or individual becomes an easy target of bigotry, slander and abuse. The targeted group becomes labeled with exaggerated images and gross misrepresentations.  Our morals or history are exaggerated to make the group look ridiculous, extreme, unbalanced or repressive. 

2. Isolation and Marginalizing the group – pushing it out of the mainstreams of society – firing or laying off of Mthwakazi from all government jobs and removing them from all civil service positions. Nazi Germany did the same towards the Jews, the Communists did the same thing in Russia, the Eastern bloc countries, China and Cuba. In Nazi Germany the Jews were denied positions in banks and most businesses. Those holding such positions were terminated. In Russia, China and other communist countries, the marginalized groups were denied higher education, all but menial jobs were precluded and all civil service except the military was prohibited. Mthwakazi has been denied all positions of influence in public life govt meetings, legislatures, or anything that promotes the cause of Mthwakazi. 

3. Vilification, slandering and trashing of the group:  group portrayed as evil, villainous,  anti-social, dangerous miscreants who represent a very danger for the entire society.  Years of this propanga makes other tribes indifferent to the treatment and the plight of Mthwakazi.  The people of Mthwakazi who are being vilified by anti-Semitic propaganda as having stolen cattle and women from the other tribe, are now labeled as subversive. The media now portrays the people of Mthwakazi as ignorant, unscientific, superstitious, absurd, crackpots, irrational, poor and we have fallen for that lie.   Must we allow ourselves to fall for that lie?  Must we? 

4. Passing discriminatory legal restrictions and eventually criminalizing the speech and activities of the group – We have observed time and time again those that attempt to stand up for our cause are eventually silenced or eliminated.


5. Outright persecution or elimination of the group – We must pay close attention and make efforts collectively to ensure this never happens.  Unless the people of Mthwakazi learn to work as a collective body understanding that we have the same goals and objectives, we will never win this battle.  I must repeat, we will never win this battle if we never learn to put aside our differences and do whatever is necessary to ensure our history, culture, self-worth, property and  assets, etc. etc are preserved and remain as our own. We have watched how we are slowly being deprived of what is rightfully ours, and due to the differences we so conveniently intertain, the rug is being pulled right under our feet.  How long are we going to watch and wait for a Savior to come and save us, when we have the ability to make a difference ourselves.? 

We as a people must come up with counter-measures if we desire to see the preservation of the people of Mthwakazi.  We as a people must realize the importance of focusing on one agenda and staying the course.  We must learn to prioritize our efforts.  We must be careful to identify the distractions that have successfully kept us apart and all of this for the benefit of those who have worked hard to see to the distraction of the people of Mthwakazi.   Must we continue to mind our business, whilst future generations are being denied their inheritance?  Must we succumb to a less than desirable status quo?  We are quickly losing our identity.  It will only take the people to Mthwakazi to ensure this never happens.  No one else will do it for us.  The day we learn to speak with one voice, and with one agenda is the day the international community may or might listen to what we have to say. Our fragmented efforts will not lead us anywhere.   

Nanso ke ingqobe.


About Thoko Mkwanazi

Following God's purpose for my life. I want to make a difference in my generation by injecting something positive and being a light in a dark place


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