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2012 Declared Mthwakazi’s Year of Unity

Published: 2 years ago by Thoko Mkwanazi (265 Views)   Mthwakazi, I plead with all of us to make every effort to maintain a mindset that leads us to UNITY this year and for years to come.   I plead that we venture into projects and agendas that will unite the people of Mthwakazi.  I plead … Continue reading

Obvious Stages Leading To The Elimination Of The People Of Mthwakazi

Mthwakazi:  As I continue to ponder on the past and future of Mthwakazi I cannot help but wonder if the people of Mthwakazi have a full understanding of the issues that we face.  On the surface we do see certain trends, however, I do not believe we clearly understand the long term goals and objectives … Continue reading